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The Riveter Chapter of the AMCA announces their next vintage motorcycle journey through Americana - this time through the mid and deep South exploring the rich musical heritage of this region. Below are the FAQs which give you the details on this event.

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​1. What is Chix at the Crossroads? Chix at the Crossroads is a women’s motorcycle journey that begins on June 15, 2024 in Maggie Valley, North Carolina at the Wheels Through Time Museum, and covers approximately 1200 miles through North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and ending in Memphis, Tennessee.

The ride will take 14 days, and riders will spend multiple nights in Maggie Valley, Nashville, TN, Clarksdale, MS and Memphis, TN.

2. Can anyone participate in this event? For women to participate in this event, your AMCA and Riveter Chapter memberships must be current through June 30, 2024. To join the AMCA, click here. Once you join the AMCA, you will then join the Riveter Chapter. Dues are $20.00 per year. Pay via PayPal to If you prefer to pay by check, contact the Riveter Chapter Treasurer.

3. When is the event? June 15 - 29, 2024

4. How much does it cost? In 2022, the full two-week ride registration fee was $500. We are trying to maintain that registration cost for the Chix at the Crossroads 2024 ride. For Chix at the Crossroads, we only offer one-week or two-week registrations. You will book and pay for your lodging separately. 

5. In addition to being part of this group of women on this cross-country journey, what do I get with my registration fee?  

Included in the fee:

* A nice swag package (for full 2-week registrations)

* Support vehicles, some with trailers, that can transport you to the evening destination for further repair or a shop within reasonable distance from the route

* Mechanical support during the ride

* Water/fluids and supplemental emergency gasoline 

* Miscellaneous ride logistics costs (certain arranged tour admissions, fees, etc.)

* Route maps, both hard copy and navigational routes to be used in GPS units or via a routing app to be determined

* A list of historic places and points of interest along our route which you may want to visit

* A commemorative booklet containing the itinerary, and lots of other information about the event

* A great trip with a great group of women and organized events along the way

6. How do I sign up? Registration is currently open. Links will be posted in our social media as well. Space is limited to 50 riders, and since this is an AMCA-sanctioned event, preference will be given to motorcycles and servicars 35 years old or older (1989 is the vintage cutoff for the year 2024). We do not discourage riders on modern bikes; in fact, we welcome you to the group. If you have never been exposed to vintage bikes, this experience will be an incredible one for you. We will begin informing riders if they have secured a spot by February 15, 2024. 

7. I ride a CanAm, am I eligible to participate? The short answer is no for two reasons. (1) Since this is an AMCA-sanctioned event, there is no cognate for these machines in the antique world. (2) Since CanAms and the like are not recognized as motorcycles by the DMVs in many states, we must exclude those machines from our events, which are motorcycle events.

8. When is payment due?  Within a week of being invoiced.

9. Is my registration fee refundable? No. Your fee is not refundable; however, it is transferable. If for some reason you cannot participate in the ride, contact us for assistance, and we will try to help you transfer your spot to another rider who has been qualified as eligible and has gone through the application process.

10. How do I know where to stay on the route? We have negotiated blocks of rooms at hotels and motels in each city along the way. We will send you information on how to secure lodging after your registration payment is received.  Secured rates for single rooms (no roommate) for the 14-day trip total approximately $2500 before tax. 

PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to stay at the selected locations, but we recommend that you do. You will build comradery and forge new friendships as you travel with these women.

11. I don’t know anyone else who is participating in this event, but I would like to share rooms to save money. Can I connect with other participants? Absolutely. Once we open registration, we will also provide all participants with a mechanism for communicating.  If you are looking for a roomie, or riding partners, or just want to get to know the other participants in advance, you will be able to do so.  We will let you know what method of communication we will be using for the group.

12. When should I book my lodging?  Travel itinerary and lodging information will be sent to you once your entry fee is received. It is recommended that you make your reservations as soon as you receive the information. Each hotel may have a different deadline for booking in our room block, so make sure you follow the instructions outlined in the lodging information provided. The first hotel closing dates are April 1, 2024, so do not wait to book. It is fully your responsibility to book your rooms, arrange for a roommate, and pay for your lodging. No lodging is included in the registration fee.

13. Do I have to commit to doing the entire route? No. You can do either week 1 or week 2 as designated on the registration form, or you can do the full ride. However, if you plan to do only a portion of the route, please indicate that on your registration application. We will need to know which part of the ride you plan to participate in. You can change your plans as needed but remember that registration fees are not refundable. If you pay for two weeks and can only do one week, you will not receive a refund. If you paid for one week and later you find you can do both weeks, you can pay the balance of the registration fee depending on space availability.

14. What if my bike breaks down?  We will have mechanics and support teams traveling with us who can help with troubleshooting and roadside repairs. The support teams will be in chase vehicles to transport you and your bike if needed. Still, be sure your bike is up to date on all maintenance and checked out completely before you leave for the trip. See #20 for more information on bike prep.

15. I am a fairly new rider. Is this ride too difficult for me? We suggest that you have ridden at least 5,000 miles overall, and have sufficient experience with the motorcycle you plan to ride on this trip.  Additionally, you should have experienced the most common road surfaces, such as asphalt, concrete, gravel/dirt, milled pavement, grooved pavement, tar snakes, construction zones/detours, tar and chip, metal deck bridges. You must also know how to hold and start your bike on a hill smoothly, have good low speed skills with u-turns, and have experience riding in different weather conditions like high winds and rain.

There may be segments of the route that are more technical, such as the Tail of the Dragon and some other mountain roads in and around Maggie Valley, NC. We have provided several route options for this area so that if you prefer not to ride the Tail of the Dragon, you can choose another less challenging, but equally beautiful route. That said, when you are traveling, you need to be ready for just about any road condition or situation. 

16. Can my [friend, sibling, partner, significant other, spouse] tag along?  No. No unregistered participants may accompany riders on the route or at Chix at the Crossroads events or activities.  This includes people on motorcycles or other vehicles.  Our event insurance only covers registered participants on motorcycles. We do not want to introduce any risk associated with other vehicles trying to keep up with the group, nor do we want to detract from the group social dynamic. 

*Event insurance does not cover individuals or their motorcycles. You must carry your own insurance and submit proof of such upon registration. Please direct any insurance questions you may have to your agent.

17. Can I meet up with friends and family along the way? Yes. If you want to make plans with non-registered riders or friends/family, please do. Just remember that many of our activities will be private functions for riders and staff only, so if you have guests, they will not be able to attend these functions. Some of them may be open to guests if they pay their way.

18. What should I pack on my bike? Once you register, we will send you a set of documents, including a suggested packing list; however, you will want to pack any tools that are specific to your bike. Our mechanics will cover a very broad range, but if you know your bike requires a special tool for something, pack it. Better safe than sorry. 

You will want good protective riding gear and rain gear. Bring comfortable clothing, and wear gear you are used to. This is not the time to try out something new that may be awkward or uncomfortable.

19. Is my bike going to be secure each night? With motorcycle travel, there is always the slim chance that something could happen to your bike. Check with your insurance agent before you leave. Further, there are some lo-jack type trackers that are easy to install and will broadcast a signal if your bike is moved.

We have taken all reasonable precautions, but if you are concerned about theft, you should consider additional insurance and some sort of tracking device.

20. What will be required when I show up for the ride?  Every rider will be required to register in person at the start of the ride, and provide the following:

* Driver's license with MC endorsement

* Motorcycle registration

* Proof of insurance for that bike

* AMCA membership card 

Please make sure you have these documents in your possession that day. No exceptions.

21. How do I prepare my bike for a ride like this? We will be giving you a bike-prep checklist well ahead of time, and we will coach all participants on how to prepare their bikes for a ride such as this. During the event registration, every rider will meet with a member of our support staff for a tech inspection. This inspection must be passed before the rider can participate in the event. This is for everyone’s safety. If you follow through on the bike-prep checklist, your bike will have had a thorough going over before you bring it to tech inspection.

22. How do I get myself and my bike to Maggie Valley and home from Memphis? This is up to you, however, we can provide you with a list of motorcycle transport companies if you require that service. 

23. What will I be responsible for that isn’t included in the registration fee? 

Participants are responsible for the following:

* Transportation of self and bike to Maggie Valley, NC

* Lodging reservations and payments

* All meals except as indicated in final itinerary, which may include some sponsored group lunch stops and dinners

* Fuel

* Maintenance fluids/supplies (oil, transmission/primary fluids, spark plugs, etc.) and costs associated with maintaining your bike on the trip

* Transportation of self and bike home from Memphis, TN



Registration Application:  Open now

Application acceptance:  Field will be set by February 15, 2024 - you may receive notification sooner than 2/15/24

Registration fee due within 7 days of acceptance

Lodging booking opens: February 15, 2024

Lodging booking closes: April 1, 2024 the first hotels close their booking window. This does not mean you cannot book your room - it only means that you may pay a higher price for the room you book.

Meet in Maggie Valley, NC at Wheels Through Time Museum ready to ride: June 15, 2024

©2023 by Riveter Chapter of the AMCA, Inc.

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