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The Riveter Chapter, which has a nationwide membership, is the first woman-focused chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America.
The purpose of this chapter is to give women motorcyclists an increased awareness of their own history, and an enhanced vision of their future in motorcycling. By bringing female AMCA members together in a single chapter, we intend to raise the visibility of women in the sport, and concentrate their talents under the aegis of a single chapter. Many women riders are unaware of the rich legacy of female riders, and may feel disconnected from their contemporaries. We intend to increase women’s awareness of each other. We also intend to improve access to other women in the sport through visibility and networking. Many women may have never seen a female mechanic, nor have they seen another woman ride or race a vintage bike. For these reasons alone, a chapter containing powerful, talented, dynamic women helps to fill that void, and fills the space with inspiring role models.
The focus of this chapter will be on sharing the history of women in motorcycling, and supporting contemporary women riders. They will see women riding and wrenching just
like they have been doing since not long after the first motorcycles were built. We hope this will challenge and inspire our members to reach for goals they may never have considered previously.
As the largest growing market segment in the sport of motorcycling, our past must press forward in order to shape our future.

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