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From this page you can access the FAQs and our Rules and Guidelines of our upcoming events. You can also access a number of helpful articles on riding solo, with groups, specific riding techniques and strategies, and general guidelines for riding in a group or 'pack.'

As we compile them, we will also put packing checklists and suggestions for tool kits together to help you plan your ride.

Chix at the Crossroads Links:

Chix at the Crossroads FAQs

Chix at the Crossroads Rules & Guidelines

Chix at the Crossroads Application Form

Riding Techniques - New Rider's Guide/Review for Veteran Riders:

Dealing With Anxiety on the Bike

Don't Let "Ride Your Own Ride" Limit You

Street Smarts: Navigating Traffic

Parking: Why is This So Hard?

Group Riding: Am I Ready?

Riding Techniques/Varying Conditions - Intermediate/Advanced Rider:

Riding Techniques You May Not Have Been Taught

Road Conditions: Anticipating & Preparing

Riding in the Rain

Riding at Night

Gearing Up For a Ride: the Head Game

Mirrors and How to Get the Most Out of Them

Mind the Gap: Navigating Intersections Safely

Lane Position: What Does it Mean and Why Does It Matter?

Using Hand Signals on a Motorcycle

Group Ride Etiquette

Distance Riding Step by Step:

Distance Riding: Training for That Long Trip

Distance Riding: Planning the Trip

Distance Riding: Packing the Bike

Distance Riding: Getting There

Distance Riding: Trip Anxiety

Distance Riding: Bike Prep and You're Off!

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