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Chix at the Crossroads is a women's motorcycle event organized by the Riveter Chapter of the AMCA, and the AMCA is the sanctioning body. Chix at the Crossroads is designed to be a unique, enjoyable and inspiring experience, featuring elements that a traveler might not have access to if not for participating in this event. The following rules, expectations and suggestions are in place to ensure that everyone gets the most benefit out of this experience.

Please review the following:

Communication Methods

In advance of the event, we will be using the Chix at the Crossroads 2024 Facebook page to communicate officially with the group. This is a private group for participants and event staff only. Please do not invite others to this group - their membership will be declined.

If you do not participate in this method, you may not receive essential information you need to prepare for the two-week event. We will also communicate via email; however, most communications will go through the Facebook page. You are responsible for knowing all of this information.
During the event, we will be using a different method to communicate with all riders and staff - most probably a mass text. Any route or scheduling changes or other essential information will be sent this way. You are responsible for keeping up with this information.

General Rules
[  ] We reserve the right to ask you to leave the ride, no refunds, without explanation.

[  ] If you choose to leave the ride, you cannot re-enter.
[  ] If your actions or behavior are threatening, dangerous, intimidating, or create conflict, you will be asked to leave the ride immediately.
[  ] No impaired riding/driving. This is zero tolerance. If you are riding while impaired, you will be asked to leave the ride immediately.
[  ] While participating in this event you are representing yourself, Chix, the Riveter Chapter and board, and the AMCA. Your behavior must be above reproach. Swearing at or otherwise abusing the Chix Staff or the people in service to us (hotel staff, restaurant staff, event staff, etc.) will not be tolerated. If you have a problem that you cannot resolve, find a Chix staff member and let them assist.
[  ] Do not bring trivial interpersonal problems to the staff (she's my friend and now she won't talk to me). Work it out. If you require mediation and IF we have a staff member available, we may agree to assist,  but we are not playground monitors.
[  ] DO bring issues such as bullying, verbal, physical or emotional abuse, threats, intimidation, etc. to our attention immediately. We will resolve those matters swiftly.
[  ] Problem resolution: As previously stated - if you have a problem that you cannot resolve, find a Chix staff member and let them assist.
[  ] If you have a medical issue, or if you have an accident with your bike, and our staff determines that you should seek medical treatment, you should do so immediately. Waiting could cause your condition to become more severe, and because a staff member or members will accompany you, delaying treatment means our staff will be functioning on too little sleep the next day, which puts more people in danger.
[  ] We must have emergency contact information for everyone - riders and staff.
[  ] You must ride the bike specified in your application unless you notify us of a change by June 1, 2024. If you bring a different bike, it is possible that you will not be allowed to participate in the event.
[  ] No ride-alongs, no following. If you have "a friend" who "just wants to ride along" tell that friend no. Otherwise, you and your friend will be asked to leave the ride. To participate, you must be accepted onto the ride roster and pay the registration fee. It is unfair to everyone else who pays, for you to allow someone to participate for free. If you are aware of this situation happening, please advise the staff and they will handle it.
[  ] No sharing the route in any way with non-registered riders.
[  ] No bikes pulling trailers. This is a safety hazard that puts other riders and staff at risk.

[  ] All traffic laws must be obeyed, including posted speeds and traffic lights, stop signs, etc.
[  ] Motorcycles must depart the host hotel by the specified time each day. This is to prevent too large of a time gap between the first motorcycles to depart and the support teams.
[  ] Support vehicles may not leave the host hotel until 30 minutes after the last motorcycles have departed. This is to prevent the support vehicles from integrating into the rider groups, which can cause safety issues.
[  ] Participants are required to book their own lodging. Chix at the Crossroads has arranged room blocks and negotiated rates at specific and carefully selected hotels and motels. You are strongly encouraged to book within this list.
[  ] Participants who withdraw from the event must cancel their own hotel reservations, subject to each hotel's cancelation policy.
[  ] Participants who withdraw or are asked to leave the event will not receive a refund on their registration or other fees paid.
[  ] Participants and staff will be required to download the Life360 app and make their location available on it during this event. This is so we can verify that all participants and staff are accounted for each evening.
[  ] At the on-site event registration at Wheels Through Time, each rider must provide a valid driver's license with motorcycle endorsement, the registration or proof of ownership of their motorcycle, proof of insurance - either a current insurance card, a declarations page or insurance certificate, and AMCA membership card. NO EXCEPTIONS. You will not be allowed to participate in the event if you cannot produce these documents.
[  ] Motorcycle tech inspection: every motorcycle must pass inspection by our mechanical support staff before the event. Any motorcycle deemed unreasonably dangerous due to mechanical or electrical equipment problems will not be allowed on the route until the issues have been repaired, and the motorcycle is re-inspected by our support staff.
[  ] All motorcycles must have at minimum a headlight, taillight and brake light(s) in fully operational order, and at least one side mirror,  preferably two. Turn signals, a fire extinguisher and Jerry can (additional gas can) are strongly suggested.
[  ] Speeds: there will never be a reason to exceed posted speeds. This event is not a competition. Keep your own safety and the safety of others in mind and do not ride at unsafe speeds.

General Suggestions
[  ] Keep your cash, credit cards, ID, etc. secured at all times. Don't keep all your cash in one place. Keep a little spending money where you can get to it easily, and secure the rest in a separate location.
[  ] We suggest that you leave your expensive jewelry at home. If you love bling, wear costume jewelry. We will attract a lot of attention on this ride, so use some street smarts when handling cash, credit cards, wearing showy jewelry, etc.
[  ] If you carry a weapon of any kind, you need to be fully licensed, understand the reciprocity laws, and obey them to the letter. Do not assume. Do not rely on internet information even from law enforcement websites. Knife and gun laws change frequently. Call the state police in each state you are passing through, talk to a PERSON. Tell them what permit you have and/or what weapon you plan to carry, and ask them how you need to handle that weapon while in their state. Make sure your weapon is 100% legal in every state you are carrying through. This includes knives. Get the rules straight, and DO THAT. NO EXCUSES.
[  ] There is often a lot of anxiety or "nerves" the first few days especially, on a ride like this. When you are packing your bike, getting ready to ride, or getting back on the bike after a stop, really take the time to focus on what you are doing, and where you are putting important things like your wallet, bike keys, gloves, glasses, etc. Consider putting a pause on conversation while you are getting ready so you can focus on what you need to do without distraction. This will prevent a lot of "dumb stuff" from happening.

Final Statements
[  ] By entering this event, you agree that the decisions of the event staff are final, and are not subject to appeal.
[  ] Participants will receive a copy of these rules at their on-site registration and tech inspection. All participants must initial/sign these rules to acknowledge they have received and understand them.

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